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Physical Atlas of Europe
Europe map of mountains, rivers, towns, and countries with European Union borders. The Images page shows pictures of cities and landscapes of Europe. Free relief maps.
Clickable city maps of antique Rome: the Seven Hills and Rome in AD 100  with the 14 regions or districts of the City, labelled or unlabelled.
A reconstructed picture of goddess Roma is also shown.
Periodical Historical Atlas
A sequence of 21 cartographic snapshots showing the history of Europe as a whole. These history maps describe the European states at the end of each century from year 1 to year 2000.
Antiques Cartographies
Digitized antique maps of European countries: Italy 1854, Ottoman Empire 1872, Post-Roads of Europe 1781, Egypt 1715, Austrian Netherlands 1777 etc.
Time Pictures
A freely illustrated chronology of European history.
For each century, some events are presented with a fast information and a free of rights picture that can be used as wallpaper.
Euratlas Shop
Online store selling digital maps and softwares, especially the Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe Expert or basic version with high resolution maps or the Euratlas vector map files.
History Mapping

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